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What’s New at Triad Technologies

In keeping with Triad Technologies’ goal to utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions…

Plastics Division

Plastics Division recently purchased and installed 3 brand new Whitman 5-axis robots and one automated runner picker. As with any manufacturing process, consistence is paramount. The less variables the better. Utilizing robots allows Triad to completely automate the molding process to ensure a stable injection molding cycle. Without robots, an operator is responsible for opening the door of the machine, removing the molded parts, and closing the door to begin the next cycle. All the while, the molten material is waiting to be shot into the mold. The more control Triad has over the residence time of the molten material, the tighter to process we can hold. The tighter the process, the better the part.

Electronics Division

The newest addition to the Electronics Division is a brand new nitrogen generator. Using 99.9995% pure nitrogen to inert the atmosphere during soldering has become a generally accepted practice in electronic assembly. This process virtually eliminates oxidation during reflow soldering assuring proper action of the flux. It has been shown to increase wetting force, surface tension, and solder spread. Residues are reduced up to 66%, increasing the cleanliness of the process. A recent study shows in large-scale manufacturing situations, defect levels were monitored over a two-year period, one year prior to a switch to nitrogen reflow and one year after the switch was completed. With the introduction of nitrogen as the only significant change, the defect level fell from 82 to 37 dpm, a decrease of more than half. Other operations where nitrogen was introduced have shown improvements in First Pass Yield between 5 and 7%, which translates into a reduction in defect levels of between 50 to 60 percent.

Mold Manufacturing Division

Triad Technologies Manufacturing Solutions Reno

Our Tooling Division just took delivery of 2 brand new Haas VM-3, 3-axis Moldmaker CNC Vertical Machining Centers. These automated machining centers can be programmed to run around the clock. While we’re all asleep they keep working, increasing capacity without added overhead. Everybody wins!