triad-electronic-manufacturingTriad specializes in helping its customers through the design process to maximize manufacturing efficiency. Here’s one customers feedback when presented with Triad’s cost saving suggestions.
“That is truly amazing! The cost savings of SMT is too high to ignore…” “Thanks for your help – you have done a great job removing all motivation for me to continue shopping this project around!” Dan P., San Jose, CA
Once your project is ready for production, Triad’s high speed automated placement machines will ensure accuracy to ± 0.01mm. Triad’s computer controlled reflow oven will guarantee a perfect solder profile panel after panel, board after board. Our new selective solder machine completely automates the once manual process of through-hole lead soldering. Component placement and solder joints are 100% inspected by Triad’s automated optical inspection.
Whether protos or production, turnkey or consignment, surface mount, through hole, or mixed, Triad will deliver on-time, everytime!