Welcome to Triad Technologies

Our goal at Triad Technologies is to assist our customers in bringing their projects from imagination to final product utilizing modern technology, in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Founded in 1988, Triad provides a wide range of services including rapid prototyping, injection mold construction, plastic injection molding, circuit board assembly, product assembly, packaging and shipping/logistics.

We are an American manufacturing company. Our in-house craftsmen create all products in-house. We will not send your ideas or designs to ANY foreign company. Because we operate with the utmost in integrity and confidentiality, we will gladly review and sign your Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Mold Manufacturing

We use both CNC Machining Centers and CNC-EDM Machines to handle virtually any requirement. Our engineers can run multiple machines concurrently, making extremely efficient use of time.

Injection Molding

Our molding machines utilize All-Electric, servo driven CNC technology and provide precision never before seen in the injection molding world and provide high-efficiency, economical molding.

Circuit Board Assembly

We specialize in investing time into your product to develop a high speed solution for manufacturing. Overall complete assembly including board interconnections, chassis wiring, motor wiring, etc.